Why Mental Practice at All?

We all spend lots of time out on the practice tee or at the driving range. We spend hours hitting ball after ball trying to “groove” our swings so that we can hit our shots further and more accurately. We also spend time on and around the practice green making sure our short game and putting are up to par. We want to improve our scores so we spend a large proportion of our time “practicing”. There is no doubt this practice will help us “groove” our swing. It will help us improve our game. But is this all we should be doing?

I want you to seriously ask yourself, “How much time to I spend on my Mental Game?” I’m guessing that it’s no where near the amount of time you spend at the practice range hitting golf balls and on the putting green practicing putts! Our complete focus on the physical aspects of the game just doesn’t make sense to me.

The average golfer who shoots a 90 during a round spends about 4.5 minutes swinging the golf club during that round. It takes about 3 seconds to make a golf swing. 3 times 90 equals 270 seconds or 4.5 minutes. So in a 4 hour round of golf we spend 4.5 minutes swinging the club. The rest of the time we are selecting a club, figuring distances, visualizing shots, performing our pre-shot routine and riding the cart to the next hole. During all that time, 3 hours and 55 minutes, we are thinking about our game. During this time our emotions, feelings and unconscious beliefs can influence our game tremendously. Yet, we spend the bulk of our time when we are practicing on the physical aspects of the game and not the mental aspects of the game!

I think we’ve got it all backwards! Let me invite you to spend some time reading my blog about the mental aspects of the game of golf. Maybe, just maybe, I can get you to change your focus a little. If you think this is a good idea, go ahead and sign up to get my latest blog posts about the mental game of golf in the box on the right. Hopefully, we can work together to improve the mental aspects of your golf game! Let’s have some fun doing this together too!