Making Practice More Effective

I don’t know about you, but when I started practicing my golf game at the range, I didn’t have a method or structure to my practice. Instead, I just would hit ball after ball working my way through the clubs. If I was practicing on the putting green I would just putt some balls moving from hole to hole. There was not much method to my madness!

We all have to practice our swings and putting strokes. Its important to “groove” our golf swing and putting stroke so that it is completely unconscious. We want to be able to forget about the swing during our play so that we can concentrate on the shot or putt we are trying to make. If our swing is “grooved” through practice, we will not have to think about it.

This is a “key” point to remember. The reasons we practice our swing and putting stroke is to learn to swing correctly and then repeat the process so many times that it becomes “automatic” or unconscious for . When the swing is “grooved”, then we can focus on the mental processes of the game. With this purpose in mind, we need to make our practice sessions effective and fun so that we keep up our practice routine. If we can enjoy it more and focus our practice sessions to be better, then the odds are we will practice more often.

Try these four tips to make your practice sessions more fun and effective.
1. Make your practice sessions more convenient. Can you practice near your home or office? Are there optimal times for you to practice? Try to figure out an easy way to make practicing an everyday part of your routine.

2. Create games out of your practice drills. Compete with a friend, make the drill a game, keep score with with each other, If you are practicing alone, set up the drill so that you are competing against yourself.

3. Keep records of your progress on each of the drills. Maybe you set up a scorecard for yourself or keep track of improvements in a spreadsheet. You want to see your improvement over time. Things that are measured are what is focused upon. This is a psychological truth that can be used in sports as well as business.

4. This is probably the most important psychological aspect of any practice routine. Quit any practice drill or routine while you are still enjoying it. You want to have positive feelings about each practice drill that you use. This will insure that you continue them in the future.

The four tips above, create games, keep records, and quit while your are ahead will make your practice more effective and fun. Keep reading this blog for more tips and ideas about the mental game of golf.

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