Mentally Handling Slow Play

For me it always has been an issue when play in front of me is slow. I guess I’m just an impatient kind of guy. I like to get things done. If you are anything like me, you will find yourself getting impatient when the foursome in front of you is playing slowly.

Let me ask you to think about this in a different way. Instead of being frustrated, turn that energy into something productive. If you are in a friendly game you could just socialize, have some good conversations, and enjoy your day. However, if you are seriously working on your game, turn this time into really productive mental time.

  • Take some deep breaths to let the tension melt from your body.
  • Use the time to visualize your upcoming shot.
  • Plan your strategy for the next hole.
  • Given enough time, visualize each shot and putt for the next hole.
  • Don’t join in with other members of your foursome if they are critisizing the foursome.

If you put the above steps into your way of dealing with slow play, you will find you will play better holes and enjoy your game better when players are slow.

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